Kindle KDP- Is it worth it?

Update 5/17/2012

When I first published my latest book, ‘The Dolls’, I chose to participate in the KDP program. I had read great things about the great exposure it was giving indie authors.

However, as of late, I have stopped hearing the glowing reviews. Most believe that the algorithm has changed. Many feel that the promos have done more harm than good.

I am going to stay positive. I had more downloads than I imagined. I had 33 in the U.K. (yawn), but in the U.S. I had 4,799 downloads (woo-hoo!). That was a record breaker for me. I have not seen any sales this morning, but it is only 10:30 am. I am going to remain hopeful.

Then there is that other bit of ugliness that has afflicted countless authors, when they do their KDP free days. It seems a pattern has emerged. It’s the curse of the one star review. It hits the authors during or directly after their free days.

I got mine yesterday. It was not “constructive criticism”. It was one of those hateful, personal attacks. In addition, it looked familiar. A couple of weeks back, another writer friend had lamented about his own one star review, and it looked suspiciously similar.

I went back to the ugly review and found that another writer had added a comment under it, mentioning this KDP issue. Unbelievably- within the hour, the evil reviewer returned to Amazon, to my book page and responded to the comment!

If the book were so hideous- why would she/he return?

Within minutes, there was an additional one star review. Again- in the same hateful tone-but this one is full of spoilers.

It’s hard not to feel hurt by these reviews. But- since I learned of “the curse”, I have had to comfort myself by visiting other authors on Amazon, and checking their reviews. These are authors that I respect and look up to, dreaming that someday I will be in their league. Yes, they all had “the curse”. Mind you, some of these books have won awards; one is now in the filming process. These are books with dozens, sometimes hundreds of 5 star reviews.

I would love to hear about your experience with “the curse of the one star review”.


5 thoughts on “Kindle KDP- Is it worth it?

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  2. I hope your promo is going well! I am working on a blog post about my 3rd experience with the KDP promo at this very moment. With mediocre success the first 2 times, this last time the book took off. I guess that goes against what may be happening to others who already had smashing success earlier; I don’t know. I think you may not be hearing as much right now because people may be tired of blogging about KDP, and reading about it too? Just a thought.
    Best of luck-
    P.S. Would love to add your experience here when it’s over=>

  3. Wow, I had not heard of the “curse” of the one-star review following the KDP promo… It hasn’t hit me yet..(Knock on wood, salt over shoulder). Hopefully readers will be discerning enough to recognize it for what it really is. Doubtful that reviewer even read the book. On the bright side, congrats. on the DL’s! It took a little bit for sales to kick in, in my case, and then they became fairly steady for a while, so I will be curious to hear if you follow that pattern-one others have reported also.

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