Kathleen Patel is a happily married, peace loving fiction writer living in the Chicago area. She has been in love with books ever since she first learned to read. It opened an exciting new world for her. Her books are fun to read and always have a message.

Kathleen is also an activist that fights for those without a voice. This includes abused children, animals, and especially victims of bullying. She wrote a short handbook, ‘The Bullying Epidemic-the guide to arm you for the fight’ and offers it free of charge  She is currently working on a documentary meant to create awareness of this growing problem and to educate parents, students and teachers.

‘Hiren’s Magical Adventure’ is the first in the ‘Magical Adventure’ saga. This is an intermediate to young adult, paranormal, mystery. This charming fable unfolds in in India. Hiren visits his grandparents for the summer. Nothing could have prepared him for this strange world filled with magic and mystery. He encounters exotic creatures, a forbidden jungle, and a ghost that haunts the eerie palace. He meets a mysterious girl who leads him closer to the secrets. He finds himself facing life-threatening danger in his quest to solve the family mystery.

The book gets its inspiration from the childhood experiences of Kathleen’s husband, Hiren Patel. She also spent extensive time in India learning the culture and magic firsthand.

‘Whatever Happened To The Boy’ is the first in ‘The Boy and The Girl’ saga. This is an action packed, coming of age with the main characters Ryan & Shari going through the drama filled journey of their young lives. In the search for love and happiness, they surround themselves with damaged souls. As they chase their own demons, they find violent lovers- rich but dangerous men. Ryan battles his internal turmoil. Between a controlling mother who forces him into a marriage and an abusive, powerful father, he struggles to accept his own sexuality. Shari involves herself with the wrong men, in her subconscious quest for a father figure. In an attempt at financial independence, she becomes a Madame; first running an upscale escort service and then later something darker and more sinister. Will they get through it all and keep their sanity?

The second book in the saga, ‘Life Changes’, finds our gorgeous friends, Shari and Ryan, facing tragedy & betrayal. Ryan is tortured and left for dead by a sadistic paramour. In an attempt to put it all behind him, Ryan hosts a dinner party, inviting friends from all over the country. It is a happy reunion, until the morning after. The sobering discovery of a dead body in the pool leaves the mansion full of murder suspects. The police advise everyone to stay in Miami until the toxicology reports are back. When they discover Sharon, bloody and beaten, suspicion falls on her new lover, but he has gone missing! Throughout this madness, can love and romance find its way?

The newest book, ‘The Dolls’, begins its journey in Chicago and then takes you to the sleepy seaside town of Benalmádena, Spain. The cousins, Shari and Tara realized that the couple was a bit eccentric. Ivan was a flamboyant gypsy and Jill was a retired talent agent who specialized in female mud wrestlers. They tried to ignore the red flags, surely they were harmless…They accepted the invitation to spend a glorious vacation in a luxurious villa. The strange couple had lured them into an evil trap. Who could have imagined what their hosts had in store for the lovely cousins?

. “I hope that my books can open new worlds for my readers.”

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