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Kindle KDP- Is it worth it?

Update 5/17/2012

When I first published my latest book, ‘The Dolls’, I chose to participate in the KDP program. I had read great things about the great exposure it was giving indie authors.

However, as of late, I have stopped hearing the glowing reviews. Most believe that the algorithm has changed. Many feel that the promos have done more harm than good.

I am going to stay positive. I had more downloads than I imagined. I had 33 in the U.K. (yawn), but in the U.S. I had 4,799 downloads (woo-hoo!). That was a record breaker for me. I have not seen any sales this morning, but it is only 10:30 am. I am going to remain hopeful.

Then there is that other bit of ugliness that has afflicted countless authors, when they do their KDP free days. It seems a pattern has emerged. It’s the curse of the one star review. It hits the authors during or directly after their free days.

I got mine yesterday. It was not “constructive criticism”. It was one of those hateful, personal attacks. In addition, it looked familiar. A couple of weeks back, another writer friend had lamented about his own one star review, and it looked suspiciously similar.

I went back to the ugly review and found that another writer had added a comment under it, mentioning this KDP issue. Unbelievably- within the hour, the evil reviewer returned to Amazon, to my book page and responded to the comment!

If the book were so hideous- why would she/he return?

Within minutes, there was an additional one star review. Again- in the same hateful tone-but this one is full of spoilers.

It’s hard not to feel hurt by these reviews. But- since I learned of “the curse”, I have had to comfort myself by visiting other authors on Amazon, and checking their reviews. These are authors that I respect and look up to, dreaming that someday I will be in their league. Yes, they all had “the curse”. Mind you, some of these books have won awards; one is now in the filming process. These are books with dozens, sometimes hundreds of 5 star reviews.

I would love to hear about your experience with “the curse of the one star review”.